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Cumbia Wendy Juanita | Papa Orbe & Los Turpiales Sabaneros

About this Video

We are happy to share this upbeat song, “Cumbia Wendy Juanita,” performed by Papa Orbe & Los Turpiales Sabaneros. Formed in Barcelona by PFC family member Orbe Ortiz, this band plays original compositions in the spirit of 60's and 70's' Colombian music. The band is mainly composed of Colombian musicians but Orbe is from Santiago, Cuba and lived in Colombia for several years.

Put on your dancing shoes and feel the music!

Orbe Ortiz: Vocals, Cowbel & Direction
Diana De La Torre: Vocals & Guiro
José Acevedo: Guitar & Vocals
Miguel Ramón: Tiple
Santiago Acevedo: Baby Bass
Felipe Muñoz: Drums
Sebastían Cabra: Congas
Nando Pico: Tenor Sax
David Jacome: Alto Sax
Eduar Bedoya: Clarinet

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