The most beautiful sound in the world are children singing

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Celebration | Song Around The World

About this Video

In “celebration” of Universal Children’s Day, we are proud to release this Song Around The World featuring children from all across the globe. Children are our hope for the future and it is up to us to pave the way so that their future is bright. Come one, come all and join together to make this world a better place for us and the generations to follow.

This video was produced in partnership with Okaïdi children’s clothing stores. We thank them for continued support of the Playing For Change Movement!

Written By: Robert Bell, Dennis Thomas, Claydes Smith, Robert Mickens, George Brown, Ronald Bell, Eumire Deodato De Almeida, James Taylor, and Earl Toon

Tommy Lee: Tambourine
Nicolas Caniza: Trombone
Zuri Agote: Drums
Juan Cruz: Piano
Bram Skelley: Electric bass
Comedia Musical Rio de la Plata: Vocals
African Children’s Choir: Vocals
Felipe Zavalia: Vocals
Orquesta Escuela Juvenil San Telmo: Strings
Jose Lee: Vocals
Paul Skelley: Electric bass
Xon: Vocals
Rhyan Hill: Vocals
Asul Ortiz: Maracas
Stephen Alva: Electric guitar
Batukada “La 2”: Drum group

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