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Celebrating 10 Years of Positive Change Through Music | Playing For Change Foundation

About this Video

The Playing For Change Foundation celebrates its 10th anniversary, a decade creating positive change through music and arts education around the world. Free classes are provided in safe and nurturing environments for children residing in some of the most challenged environments on the planet.

By supporting the foundation’s programs over the past decade, you made a difference in the lives of children. The results are in!

  • Students report increased confidence, learning skills and a belief in a positive future.

  • Students say they feel more connected to their teachers, families, and communities.

  • Parents and community leaders note multiple positive changes including improved language skills, self-esteem, and relationships with others

  • Girls are learning traditional music and instruments for the first time in villages in Mali and Nepal.

  • Special initiatives are bringing clean water, dance studios and open-air classrooms built in PFCF schools in Africa.

  • Live connection between Thailand and Nepal programs have stemmed from support for Nepal after a devastating earthquake.

  • Technology and media training are being integrated across several programs.

The foundation broke ground with the first school in South Africa. Today, thousands of children are provided the gift of music in Argentina, Bangladesh, Brazil, Ghana, Mali, Mexico, Morocco, Nepal, Rwanda, South Africa and Thailand - and emerging domestic “sister-school” programs in the United States have been piloted this year. The mission is building momentum across diverse communities, resulting in reduced conflict, increased collaboration, improved academics, higher self-esteem, resilience, and joy. In addition, Playing For Change Day, a global event bringing joy, unity, and peace building through music, is a blossoming experience, as scores of simultaneous events take place across the world each September raising awareness and resources for the foundation’s mission.

It’s a Happy Anniversary season… enjoy the video!

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