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Better Together feat. Jack Johnson | Song Around The World + Bonus Member Exclusive Interview

About this Video

Celebrate the power of unity with “Better Together” Song Around The World featuring Jack Johnson, Paula Fuga, Lee Oskar and talented musicians from around the globe.

This beautiful, feel-good song was a single, released in February 2006 from Jack Johnson's third studio album, In Between Dreams, and was inspired by his love for his wife. “Better Together” has a universal message that “it’s always better together” when we lead with love as the answer.

Written by: Jack Johnson

Afro Fiesta- Acoustic and Electric Guitar
Cindy Harcha- Accordion
Claire Finley- Bass
Isa Najem– Oud
Jack Johnson- Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Kamaha’o Haumea-Thronas- Vocals
Keiko Komaki- Piano
Lee Oskar- Harmonica
Leiana Ho’oikaika- Vocals
Mana Maoli Collective Youth- Vocals
Mathieu "Mateo" Aupitre- Saxophone
MishCatt- Vocals
Paco Soto- Acoustic Guitar
Paula Fuga- Vocals
Tony Braunagel- Drums
Tushar Lall- Harmonium
Roots Voices of Mississippi- Vocals
Washboard Chaz- Washboard

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