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ATD Fourth World and Playing For Change in Burkina Faso | Behind the Scenes | Documentary

About this Video

We collaborated with the nonprofit ATD Fourth World to create the Song Around The World “With My Own Two Hands” to raise awareness about poverty. This video will take you to our shoot in Burkina Faso where we had an amazing time recording musicians and seeing the change that ATD is creating with their hard work.

ATD (All Together in Dignity) Fourth World is a movement of solidarity among and in collaboration with the most excluded families around the world. Founded in 1957 by Joseph Wresinski, ATD Fourth World brings together women and men from all cultures and social classes and is active in 34 countries. It is an international non-governmental organization with no religious or political affiliation.

Zoungrana Allassane (Z Allass): Musician
Linda Lestien: ATD Fourth World Volunteer
Mark Johnson: PFC Co-Founder and producer

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