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Ahoulaguine Akaline | Song Around The World

About this Video

The title of this song translates to “I greet my country” and it was written by the great guitar player, Bombino, about his home in Niger after he spent years in exile. Extremists and the leaders of the country tried to ban the guitar as a symbol of the rebellion. Bombino once said, "I do not see my guitar as a gun but rather as a hammer with which to help build the house of the Tuareg people." The unity of musicians around the world playing on this song is a statement that music is part of the foundation from which we rebuild our humanity and our world together.

Lyrics and chords

Written By: Bombino

Anders Osborne: Acoustic guitar
Ayano Uema: Sanshin
Bombino: Vocals and guitar
Giuliana De Donno: Harp
Kildjate Moussa Albade: Vocals
Lakota Singers and Dancers: Drums
Lee Oskar: Harmonica
Mohamed “Lalo” Atchinguel: Vocals
Sayba Diabaté: Kora
Seydou Kone: Drum

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