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Africa Mokili Mobimba | Song Around The World

About this Video

"I will never forget the feeling I had the first time I heard traditional Congolese music while visiting the capital of Kinshasa. The poorest people with broken instruments playing the most upbeat and positive music I have ever heard. 'Africa Mokili Mobimba' is a famous song from the Congo and serves as an anthem to unify Africa. We decided to use this song to connect those who were separated generations ago by slavery and reunite them through their music. Our journey began in Kinshasa, Congo and then the PFC crew and I drove out to the village of Lukala. We received permission to record and film in the village and we were told that the local voodoo community would protect us. We then traveled through the Caribbean to the island of Anguilla and then Cuba before making our way to Congo Square in New Orleans to record and film the Preservation Hall Jazz Band. Music is the best tool to reunite hearts, souls, and minds all around the world because it lifts us up to a place where we all feel connected."

- Mark Johnson, PFC co-founder

Written by Mwamba Mongala

Adel Gonzalez: Congas
Bernardo García: Cowbell
Michael 'Dumpa’ Martin: Steel pan
Jimmy Omonga: Vocals
Luis ‘Betún’ Valiente: Timbales
Matumona: Acoustic guitar
Papa Orbe: Tres
Preservation Hall Jazz Band: Brass
Roberto Carcassés: Piano
Stephen: Percussion
TP OK Jazz Band: Vocals, electric guitar and electric bass
Rubin Rodriguez: Electric bass

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