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A Tibetan Musical Expression | Live Outside

About this Video

Check out this supporter exclusive video, "A Tibetan Musical Expression," and enjoy the beautiful music of the monks at the Shechen Tennyi Darjeeling Monastery in Nepal.

"In the unfavorable circumstances as our world is in today, we need to realize that music can be purely spiritual. This spirituality is special because it unifies us all and leads us to understand all struggles..." -Tibetan Monk

Jonathan Walls: Co-Director and Editor
Mark Johnson: Director and Co-Founder of Playing For Change
William Aura: Himalaya Location Guide
Shechen Tennyi Dargyeling Monastery Monk: Flute
Tenzin Jigme (JJI Exile Brothers): Vocals and acoustic guitar
JJI Exile Brothers: Vocals, acoustic guitar and mandolin

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