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A Look at the Tintale Village in Nepal | Playing For Change Foundation

About this Video

The PFCF team just returned from a visit to Nepal, where we had the chance to witness the incredible work of our team on the ground. This video captured during our trip will take you to the village of Tintale, home of the Udayapur Music program, the Tintale Education Foundation, and the Mother's Society.

Everything started when Shyam Basnet met with William Aura in 2003 in the streets of Kathmandu. Together, and with the support of PFCF, they envisioned a tuition center and initiated a music program in the village. Today the humble tuition center has become a primary school with over 300 students and the Udayapur music program has developed around 3 different locations with over 10 staff members and 150 students.

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