We are closing the year and we want to thank you all for believing in what we do. We are continuing to work on our mission of connecting and inspiring the world through music, and 2017 was a year full of blessings and happy moments!

First of all, we are so excited to be releasing a new series of Songs Around The World this 2018, for which we have been traveling all over the world these past few years, and this last year we got to record some amazing musicians in Mali, Haiti, Japan, USA, and Brazil.

War Pierce PFC 2
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USA2016pfc 9615
USA2016pfc 33317
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The Doors Drummer 9994
Mali2017 31833
Mali2017 31796
Mali2017 31782
Mali2017 1768
Mali2017 1716
Kirina2 33196
Kirina2 33071
Kirina1 31947
Haiti 01598
BRA2016 2 9
Califfeetwarmers 0117
Ben Harper 0124
Bamako2 0980
Bamako3 9481
Bamako4 2703
Bamako3 33240
Bamako1 0849
Bamako1 0919
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Kids cuba bring it on home slider
Mark and james gadson slider
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PFCL Aoct2017 39862
PFCL Aoct2017 39587
PFCL Aoct2017 39577
PFCL Aoct2017 39471
PFCL Aoct2017 39169
PFCL Aoct2017 39157
PFCL Aoct2017 39149
PFCL Aoct2017 38926
PFCL Aoct2017 38918
PFCL Aoct2017 30965
PFCL Aoct2017 31063
PFCL Aoct2017 31207
PFCL Aoct2017 38912
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373181 DB D693 4 E25 8 B95 446 C8 DB24094
528530 CF F67 B 475 D BD5 A D4 DF44 CA33 B7
39 E270 D4 D503 408 B A098 0 B9 FDF773663

We send you all our love and best wishes for this coming year and hope you will join us as we share our new series of Songs Around The World, which will also bring many surprises this 2018!!

One Love,
Playing For Change

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