A New Fence and Renewed Hope | PFC’s Contribution for Video Performance Transforms Lives in Northeastern Thailand


by William Aura

The Ban Kung Learning Center (BKLC) and their sponsor, the Asha Foundation For Humanity (ASHA), are thrilled to announce the completion of a significant safety project that has been months in the making. Thanks to a thoughtful additional contribution from Playing For Change, a nearly 100-meter-long metal fence around key areas of their pond and learning center has been constructed. This new fence not only serves as a robust barrier to ensure the safety of the children but also enhances the aesthetics of the center.

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BKLC brings hope to children at risk in Ban Kung village. The program offers English classes, art, traditional dance, Muay Thai self-protection and a nutritious lunch. These activities provide not only education but also a sense of joy and purpose for the kids, who eagerly look forward to their weekends at the center. Co-founder and instructor Mai Wilachai is particularly excited to highlight the contribution of Playing For Change for their traditional Isaan dance program. Four lucky BKLC students recently appeared in the globally acclaimed PFC video "Waiting on the World to Change," featuring musicians and artists from around the world.

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The inclusion of these humble students in this worldwide phenomenon was a deeply moving experience for them. When the final mix was ultimately revealed, they were not only thrilled to see themselves on screen but were also astounded by the millions of views it garnered. As word about BKLC students and the dancing phenomenon spread through Ban Kung village, it created a sense of pride that resonated throughout the community. The moment captured the essence of who they are. Their traditional and heartfelt movements conveyed a powerful message, and this opportunity made them feel valued and seen on a global stage.

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To PFC co-founder Mark Johnson and the steadfast team at Playing For Change, these grateful students extend their heartfelt thanks for the opportunity to be part of such a special production. Let's continue this journey together, creating safe, nurturing, and educational spaces for the children of Isaan country. Stay tuned for more updates and join them in celebrating this milestone achievement!

This post is not just an announcement but a celebration of community, support, and hope. It highlights the essential role of Playing For Change and emphasizes the collective effort required to make a positive impact in the lives of disadvantaged children. Thank you for being part of this journey with us.

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