Musicismyammo entry 1

We asked people to share with us how music has impacted their lives...

Mary Miller: "Music has had a huge impact on my life with a mother who was a music teacher and my studies at Interlochen Music Academy but the biggest moment? It was when I played Mozart's clarinet concerto to my dying husband who was becoming restless. When I put that on, he said, "God is here now" and he slipped away peacefully. So...#MusicIsMyAmmunition"

Jason Neptune: "I haven't slept in a proper bed for 6 months, instead I sleep under the stars, I haven't had a regular income in 5 years and I have never been happier... I now travel to Australia and Indonesia collecting plastic from beaches and natural ecosystems while playing tunes. #musicismyammunition without it the world would be empty."

Musicismyammo entry 2

Martina Kopf: "I hear your music and my thoughts are quiet. My heart opens and I feel joy, love peace, and the spirit behind PFC. I caught myself smiling for no reason, then I realized your music makes me smile. So music changed my life. Thank you for sharing with all of us."

Gary Meyer: "Music rights what's wrong in my life."

Dani English Whipple: "#MusicIsMyAmmunition The first two playing for change albums are my happy playlist. When things get crazy in this world where some citizens of this planet can turn a blind eye to the suffering of other citizens, when we label people immigrants instead of refugees in order to feel better about themselves for denying life-saving aid to infants and children and their families, I can remind myself there are still good people in our world who are still striving to bring us all together."

Thank you everyone for sharing with us. Let peace rule the world, let the music be our ammunition. One Love.

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