How change through music became a reality in Nepal.

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The rainy season has come and gone and as winter sets in, government inaction and the Indian block-aid means two million people are still homeless or living in a makeshift shelter seven months after the earthquake. In Nepal, there is no government aid for the poor. The annual per capita income is $700 USD and only 44% of women and girls are literate.

The PFC Foundation sent a team to provide shelter for families in the most devastated communities.

This Masked hero, a true peace soldier, was traveling through the border of India, transporting gasoline that was much needed in the isolated villages. As a landlocked nation, Nepal imports all of its petroleum supplies from India. Roughly 300 fuel trucks enter from India on a normal day, but this has dwindled to a sporadic passage of 5–10 fuel trucks daily since the start of the crisis.

When we arrived in Nepal we encountered so many women who had lost their husbands and homes, leaving them with no shelter for them and their young children. Yet they were so strong, emotionally and physically, handling all the hard labor with pure determination.

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These baskets are much heavier than they look. People use them to carry everything; from hay and mud to manure and rocks. As we struggled to carry them, the Nepalese people handled them with ease, using their flip flops as their all-terrain footwear.

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Every day, both men and women went out to work their crops and help with the construction of the new shelters. The children were often left alone, and the oldest of the siblings, which were usually around 8-10 years old, would take on the role of cooking and watch over the youngest. We were very impressed by the maturity and sense of responsibility they demonstrated.

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As word traveled to nearby communities, more people came to help and shelters quickly came into shape. The selfless motivation and sense of brotherhood were beautiful to witness.

We can't thank you enough for all the support. We hope to continue these efforts of reconstruction in Nepal and bring positive change to other regions around the world that are in desperate need of help.

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A very special thanks go out to the Stang family, Trans-Tasman Business Circle, and PFCF for bringing such compassion to their world.

One Love,
The Playing For Change Family

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