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Honolulu, United States

Taimane has long committed to following her passion and creating a sound and style all her own with her instrument of choice, the ukulele. Her attraction to the four-string island staple began at age 3, and by age 10, she regularly performed in public, busking in Waikiki in her home state of Hawaii every Friday night with her father holding down security duties and Waikiki Beach Boys (adults whose home and workplace was the beach) serving as her band. By age 13, Taimane landed a position in Don Ho's show literally playing in the spotlight every week until Ho's passing. Fast forward to today, and you have an artist who tours the world and has carved out a unique niche in music - merging a wide-array of genres while summoning a seemingly limitless palette of emotions via an instrument previously viewed as a restricted device.

From Bach to rock, flamenco infernos to tribal hymns, Taimane focuses her songwriting and performances on bringing feelings and visions to life. For her most recent album, 'We Are Made of Stars,' she penned songs for planets of our solar system, and on her forthcoming album, 'Elemental,' she celebrates the energy of each element with songs entitled water, fire, air, earth and ether. Taimane's predilection for conjuring visions and emotions is also evident in her live performances where dance and attire are an integral part of each show. Her approach to song and live performance culminates in her theatrical program, 'Elemental - A Musical and Theatrical Odyssey,' in which Taimane, accompanied by a seven-piece band, calls out the spirit of each element by introducing her songs fire, water, air, etc. with spoken word scripted by Taimane and presenting each number with different costume and dance (aerial, hula, tango, contemporary, etc.). The show debuted at Hawaii Theatre drawing positive reviews and over 1,000 attendees, and Taimane is preparing to tour the program across America.

By channeling her passion into the ukulele, Taimane busts open the door to connection with audiences. She's garnered a large worldwide following with over 8 million video views and 80,000 social media followers, and the upward trajectory of her career has drawn comparisons to ascensions by several of today's most renowned instrumentalists. With many new doors now opening, Taimane stares ahead at an artistic path filled with opportunities and light.

How we met:

Taimane first met PFC in Los Angeles in August of 2017. Taimane and her band caught the beginning of a BBQ held for some PFC members who had just arrived from Africa. Taimane and her band kicked back, played a few songs, and enjoyed some eats; then rushed across town for her show.

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