Rupak Dhamankar Portrait

Rupak Dhamankar

Mumbai, India

Rupak Dhamankar is a versatile Tabla player who started his journey with music at the age of four years. Growing up in a musical family, he took his initial lessons from his father Shri Ganesh Dhamankar and later from Pt. Omkar Gulvani who themselves are expert tabla players. To enhance his Tabla skills and learn the know-how of being a Tabla player, Rupak took guidance from Pt Madhav Pawar and Shri. Praveen Karkare, his gurus.

Rupak has carved his niche by performing Fusion Concerts with various international musicians such as Jake Bloch (Los Angeles), Clio Carabelias (Italy), George Brooks (USA), Dallas Smith (USA). He has also participated in various festivals such as Taehwa River Jazz Festival ( Korea ), Patravadi Festival ( Thailand ), Concerts in Dubai, Singapore Thailand and many more.

Having shared the stage with artists such as Grammy Award Winner, Vidwan Vikku Vinayakram, Gino Banks, Pt. Ravi Chary and playing with talented people like Kavita Seth, Hamsika Iyer, Chin2 Bhosle ,Mahesh Vinayakram, Chirag & Chintan Katti, Vipen Aneja, Rupak has become one of the most sought out tabla players in India. He continues playing locally and internationally as an active band member with Ravi Iyer (Vravi Guitar Fusion) & Chirag Katti’s Strings Rhapsody and Urjaa.

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