Rocco Deluca

Rocco DeLuca

Los Angeles, United States

Rocco DeLuca is a versatile musician, songwriter, and steel guitarist known for his soulful compositions and captivating performances.

In recent years, DeLuca's talents have shone brightly as he worked alongside legendary figures such as Robbie Robertson on the soundtrack for "Killers of the Flower Moon." Additionally, he has produced and released a self-titled album with his band, "Mighty Glad."

DeLuca's collaborative spirit has led him to work and co-write with an impressive array of artists including D’Angelo, Daniel Lanois, Leonard Cohen, The Hallelujah Train, and Slash. His eclectic portfolio also includes composing songs for the critically acclaimed video game "Red Dead Redemption 2" and contributing to the soundtrack for Fox Studio’s "21 Days Under the Sky."

What sets DeLuca apart is his innate ability to channel raw emotions through his lyrics and melodies. Whether through his haunting steel guitar riffs or his poignant vocals, DeLuca invites audiences into a world where music becomes a vessel for introspection and connection.

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