Punya Srinivas portrait

Punya Srinivas

Chennai, India

Punya Srinivas is a wonder in the field of Carnatic instrumental music and has created a very niche up-market for herself with her matchless style of music and creations with the veena. She can directly be put in the list of performing artists who simply understand the audience undoubtedly and perform with ease.

Punya Srinivas has mastered the strings for more than two decades. Having performed live at around 500 venues worldwide collaborating with more than 300 top-notch artists, her passion and urge for new compositions and collaborations are never-ending. To her credit, she does recordings on a regular basis for all of maestro Ilayaraja’s movie compositions and his live concerts. She’s completed more than 5000 recordings so far. She has lent her mastery to many albums collaborating with Zakkir Hussain, sitar legend Pandit Ravishankar, jazz musician John Mclaughlin and Mathew garrison, Mandolin U.Srinivas, composer and percussionist Ranjit Borat, singer Hariharan, composer Lesli Lewis and music legend V.S. Narasimahn are a few names to mention from the list. She was awarded Yuva Puraskar from Sangeet Natak Academy for the year 2011.

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