Natasha Arizu portrait

Natasha Arizu

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Natasha Arizu is an Argentinian artist who has been influenced by music since her very first steps. Her studies bring together a wide range of musical formations coming from schools, universities, workshops and private tutors in diverse countries.

As a professional pianist, producer and composer; she keeps herself busy working both with live performances and music composition for audiovisual arts, delivering high quality results that show passion, attention towards detail and a strong ability to tell stories without words.

In 2023, Natasha started working and composing the soundtrack for the movie “El maestro que prometió el mar” (The teacher who promised the sea,) a drama based on the life of teacher Antoni Benaiges, from Mont-Roig del Camp who in 1935 was assigned to the public school of Bañuelos de Bureba, where he transformed the life of his students despite protests from some residents.

Natasha Arizu is featured in “Tantas Tierras” Song Around The World.

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