Nakeiltha Campbell portrait

Nakeiltha Campbell

Topanga, United States

Nakeiltha “Nikki” Campbell is a multicultural percussionist, teaching artist, producer and performer from Panama. Nikki uses drumming to express her unique Afro-Caribbean Panamanian lineage, extend a legacy of women drumming in the African diasporic traditions, and celebrate the intense study of rhythm. Introduced to drumming through the Mandinka traditions, Nikki is rooted in a diverse repertoire including West African dun-duns, Djembe, Congas, Cuban Bata, and African American soul flavors, which she interweaves to create her unique sound.

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As the Founder of “Puentes de Poder” a cultural exchange program, she also promotes empowerment and unity through music, the project has traveled to Costa Rica and Panama to teach, perform, and present music as a form of cultural history and continuity.

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