Marcio sa portrait

Marcio Sa

Salvador, Brazil

Born in the historic center of Salvador, Pelourinho, Brazil, Marcio began playing percussion in bands such as: Alvorada, Abano, and Muzenza. Professionally, he started with the band S/A do Bloco Caramelo and during this time he studied percussion with: Gabi Guedes, Bira Reis, Lourimbal, and Perc-Pan, among others.

Marcio has accompanied singers and bands from Brazil and Europe such as:

Sarajane, Alexandre Leo, Lazzo, Rick Husband,(Jamaica) Rumbahiana, Trio Yrakitan, Tato lemos, Gerónimo, Rala Fivela, Universal Youth (French Guiana), Candomba, Paolo Guachero (Italy), Roy Paci (Italy), Eco-Trio Band (base band from Art week Petrobras 2007).

Marcio and percussionist Ramiro Musotto created the percussion group AFROSUDAKA. The group performed during the Brazilian carnivals in 2006 and 2008 and in the Electric Trio 2222.

How we met:

We met Marcio in the streets of Salvador de Bahia. When he saw us recording a local musician, he just walked right up and introduced himself and we are glad he did! He is an amazing addition to the PFC family!

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