Julian Mojica Vertical

Julián Mojica

Cartagena, Colombia

Julián Mojica was born on May 4, 1984, in Colombia, and started playing the accordion at the age of seven with the support of his father.

His effort and natural talent led him to participate in the Festival Vallenato, an event that takes place every year in Colombia to preserve the genre and its subgenres, as well as numerous cultural events. After participating for eight uninterrupted years, Julián won the "Festival de la Leyenda Vallenata," in the professional category in 2018, becoming the "Rey Vallenato" of 2018.

Julián stands out in the music scene for his virtuosity in playing Vallenato rhythms, traditional repertoire, and for his distinguished contributions to this instrument. He is recognized for accompanying and being called upon by renowned troubadours, masters, and contemporary exponents of the Vallenato culture to participate in various record productions and major concerts.

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