JJI Exile Brothers portrait

JJI Exile Brothers

Dharamshala, India

Born in India, these three Tibetan brothers, Jamyang, Jigme and Ingsel, retain their parents’ refugee status. Their music portrays the struggle of their people, performed in a style which is a true fusion between East and West. During an interview, Jigme explained that he sees their band as a revolution. While traditional Tibetan songs are beautiful and poetic, their meaning is lost on many. By swirling the music of their people with western rock and roll roots, the Exile brothers seek to open their culture’s music to a broader audience of Tibetans and music lovers of all ethnicities. This desire is perhaps best illustrated by a pair of murals covering two of the walls of their rehearsal studio: On one wall, The Dalai Lama. On the other, Jimi Hendrix.

How we met:

We got to know these amazing musicians while eating in their mother/manager’s restaurant, JJI Cafe, in Dharamsala, India. Two days later, after explaining what Playing for Change was all about, and why we wanted them to be involved, they led us to one of the most beautiful locations we’ve ever recorded in– a breathtaking vista of the majestic Himalaya Mountains. It was an honor to have been able to bring these amazing musicians to the United States for the first time in 2007. In Denver, they joined other Playing for Change musicians and performed in a benefit concert that raised funds for the Playing for Change Foundation.

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