Dimitri dolganov1

Dimitri Dolganov

Moscow, Russia

Russian composer, conductor and cellist, Dimitri was born in Perm in 1972. In 1997 he finished his career as cellist at the Russian Music Academy (“Gnesin”) in Moscow. He worked as a soloist with the Moscow Chamber Orchestra, under the name “Seasons”. He has also worked as a soloist with various orchestras, collaborating on numerous CDs and eventually summoned artistic tours to countries such as China, Taiwan, Scotland, Italy, Spain, and Finland. Dimitri is currently working on music projects like “Classic & Jazz” (quintet), “Artmix” (Duet string), “Storm” (electro duet), “Concerto Grosso in Moscow” (chamber orchestra), “Camerata de las Americas” (chamber orchestra), and a duo with piano. From 2006-2010 he was a member of the rock group “The Walkers” (Barcelona), as bass player. In 2008 he started a new project titled “Travel of the Soul”, under the name “Funkaiser”. Since 2010 he has been the director of the Vizzentina Big Band, and colaborated to projects such as “The Brics” or “Trio Piano Round”.

How we met:

Dimitri has been one of the very first musicians to record on Stand By me out of the USA. He was playing with a amazing string quartet in the subway of Barcelona, who has literally been the very first band we heard after landing for the first time in Europe.

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