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Florianópolis, Brazil

Formed by musicians Chico Martins, Moriel Costa, Gerry Costa, Fernando Sulzbacher, Adauto Charnesky and JC Basañez. Dazaranha saw their work extrapolate the geographical barriers of Santa Catarina, with the success "Vagabundo Confesso" (1998), recorded by several singers and embraced by the presenter Dora Vergueiro as a soundtrack. Guga Kuerten also made a point of singing it in a commercial for a cellphone company, broadcast nationally. Cultured to this day by fans of different generations, the first album, Seja Bem Vindo, is always remembered in shows, both by the public and by the musicians. Dazaranha followed the success of their first release with the albums Tribo da Lua (1998), Nossa Barulheira (2004), Paralisa (2007), DVD Dazaranha (2010) and Daza (2014).

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