Ciro Bertini

Lisbon, Portugal

Ciro Bertini began studying the piano at the age of eight. He was a student at the Portuguese Musical Youth, Academia dos Amadores de Música de Lisboa, Escola de Música do Conservatório Nacional and the Hot Club de Lisboa. He completed his mandatory military service as a musician at the Practical Infantry School in Mafra. Bertini completed the musical animation course at the Musicians Union and he studied musical sciences at Universidade Nova de Lisboa.

From October 2007 to the present, Bertini is a piano teacher and leads ensemble classes at the Improviso-Academia de Música de Oeiras. Over the last 20 years, he has been part of several musical groups from different areas, including Luís Portugal, Nancy Vieira, Bonga, Sons da Fala, Anabela, Paulo de Carvalho, Tito Paris, Paulo Flores, António Chainho (in the latter two as producer and musical director), Fausto, Mísia and Fúria do Açúcar. He has collaborated on numerous recordings as an arranger and performer and produced or co-produced some of these works - including the track by Carlos do Carmo that is part of the CD Um novo Homem na Cidade, as well as advertising jingles for radio and television.

Bertini was managing partner of a professional recording studio associated with a record label and recently directed the musical production of the work commemorating the 50th anniversary of guitarist António Chainho's career, which includes names such as Sara Tavares, Pedro Abrunhosa, Fernando Ribeiro, Rui Veloso, Paulo de Carvalho, Hélder Moutinho, Ana Bacalhau, Paulo Flores, Raúl Oliveira, Vanessa da Mata, Kepa Junkera, Ana Vieira and Filipa Pais.

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