Aymee Nuviola Portrait

Aymee Nuviola

Havana, Cuba

Once upon a time, music fit neatly into well-defined sections at record stores. Genres like rock, pop, jazz, salsa, tango and classical all had their own artists, audiences and venues. Cuban music though, was always the exception to the rule. For generations, from Ernesto Lecuona to Israel Lopez Cachao and beyond, top Cuban musicians have been able to toggle easily between styles. From the infectious rhythms of Mambo, Son, Guaracha and Charanga to heart wrenching down tempo genres like Bolero and Fi­lin, every major Cuban star from Beny More to Celia Cruz has prided themselves on this innately Cuban ability to create quality across many genres.

Aymee Nuviola, like Cuba itself, embodies that magical blend. Born in Havana into a family of musicians, some of Aymee’s earliest memories are at the piano, which she began playing at age 3. Later, as she was receiving her classical training at Manuel Saumell Conservatory, Cuba’s top musical academy, she recalls her fascination with all kinds of music, from Debussy to Bossa Nova. In her latest production, First Class to Havana Aymee has seamlessly blended her influences into musical creations and performances that leave listeners thirsty for more. Her versatile talents allow her to perform across genres, ranging from upbeat salsas, bachata, jazz and boleros, to bossa nova, nueva trova and sultry ballads. Aymee’s music is an island without borders, open to the world, friendly, upbeat, smart and willing to share her most personal, intimate truths with the world.

How we met:

We met Aymee during our travels through Cuba recording “Guantanamera” with Jackson Browne. Upon meeting her we could tell her energy was fantastic, and once we heard her voice we knew it would be a great addition to the song!

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