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Andrés Calamaro


Andrés Calamaro is an icon of the Argentinean rock, Latin Grammy Award winner and former of the band Los Rodríguez who was a major success in Spain in the 1990’s. Singer, composer and guitarist Andrés has sold over 1 million albums over his career. Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Andrés was just 17 years old when he first made a name for himself in the world of Argentine rock. He was asked to make a guest appearance on an album by Argentine group Raí­ces. He later went on to form his own band, The Elmer Band.He went on to play keys for Los Abuelos de la Nada with Miguel Abuelo.

He later went on to have a successful solo career. In 2000, Andres released his solo album El Salmón - a 5 CD set with a whopping 103 songs. An advocate for free music, he has also released many of his songs to the public free of charge.

How we met:

We met Andrés in Buenos Aires, home town of PFC producer Enzo Buono and recorded him on our version around the world of La Bamba.

Andrés can be heard singing and playing guitar on the song “La Bamba” on the PFC3 album.

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