Alou sam portrait

Alou Sam

Koniakary, Mali

Alou Sam was born in the early 70s in Koniakari, Mali in the region of Kayes, and belongs to the caste of the Gwaolo. In the 90s Alou became famous thanks to a Malian music TV show and started to be known as the “Malian Baaba Maal.” Alou has released several albums, starting with the support of Boubacar Lah for his first album, Soukabe Mali, dedicated to the youth of his native country. He has collaborated with artists such as Baaba Maal, Koffi Olomide and Ismael Isaac, among others, has received many African music awards, and has toured Europe with his band and other African musicians.

How we met:

Alou joined Baaba Maal during his first visit to the village of Kirina, where one of PFCF’s music schools is now located. His voice and musical energy blended perfectly with Baaba’s music and the fantastic musicians that were present during that day. After improvising with Baaba, Alou offered us a beautiful interpretation of one of his own songs: Dunia.

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