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Chan Chan (Compay Segundo) | Song Around The World

About this Video

This song reached the masses from the Buena Vista Social Club project and I have heard so many variations and versions performed around the world ever since. We decided to create our own version while on a trip recording and filming music in Cuba in 2015. The Legendary Pancho Amat on the Cuban tres along with the incredible piano playing of Roberto Carcasses set the framework for this song, and then once we heard Teté Garcia Caturla sing lead vocals we realized exactly why we do what we do. Listen to how well Cuba, the USA, and the Middle East all get along when the music plays.

- Mark Johnson, PFC producer and co-founder

Written By: Maximo Francisco Repilado Munoz

Bernardo García: Claves
Carlos Del Puerto: Upright bass
Chantz Powell: Trumpet
Denis Lisboa: Congas
Eduardo Lavoy: Bongo
Jorge Luis Reyes: Vocals
Mamadou Diabaté: Kora
Pancho Amat: Tres
Reinaldo Elosegui Oviedo: Vocals
Roberto Carcassés: Piano
Tarek Ayoubi: Oud
Teté García Caturla: Vocals
Yu Hatakeyama: Percussion

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