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Never Forget | Lee Oskar


Composed, produced, and illustrated by Lee Oskar, recorded, mixed, and co-produced by Brandon Busch, Never Forget powerfully addresses the atrocities of the Holocaust, while also serving as a stirring reminder that great music is a universal force for everything positive and vibrant throughout society. Never Forget's nine largely instrumental tunes are sequenced like a soundtrack. The son of a holocaust survivor, Never Forget is Oskar's musical memoir - Passages Through Music - telling his journey, his and his family's story -- but also humanity's story.

Never Forget has been called “a surreal musical canvas which goes beyond the sound, the artwork, and the liner notes — it’s a sonic masterpiece” by Jim Clark of The Courier, and “an emotional musical journey to be savored” by Bob Silvestri, The Best of WNY.

Jim Farber, a journalist for The Guardian (UK) writes, “…(Never Forget) features a wide palate of sound, from sweeping classical orchestrations and haunting klezmer interludes to intimate sections centered on an oud, a flamenco guitar, and Oskar’s own supple harmonica.”

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