Bill Summers Shekeres


We are proud to bring you these special Shekeres, hand-made by legendary percussionist Bill Summers.

As opposed to industrial shekeres which are usually made from fiberglass, Bill Summers’ shekeres are made from hand-picked gourds, making each instrument unique. Besides, they have a quality of sound only a gourd can produce.

The manufacturing process, from harvesting and cleaning the gourds, to threading and attaching the beads is done by hand and will be finished with a painted or decorated theme, making each instrument a true work of art.

The shekeres include a letter of authenticity from Bill, a 3-year warranty on the gourds, an instructional video of how to play the shekere as well as a Santeria reading and placement of "ashe" on the shekere to bring forth the spirit that is expressing in the instrument as is done traditionally in Africa.

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