Brendan O Hara portrait

Brendan O’Hara

Austin, United States

Brendan has been committed to redefining modern Bebop as an all-original blend of jazzy-blue-folk-pop with a hip-hop flavor. That means its jazzy but not jazz. It is soulful and bluesy, but neither entirely soul, nor all blues. Its conscious, but not certainly folk, and maintains a pop sensibility not at the expense of its playful nature. Blending these styles is as much a look into Brendan's diverse interests and influences, as it is a reflection of the eclectic tastes of todays music fan. These songs are played on guitar and piano with Brendan's deeply driven voice on top.

He tours both coasts (and in between) playing to crowds at venues like the legendary Bitter End and Ella Lounge in NYC, Molly Malone's and The Hotel Cafe in LA, Eddie's Attic and Vinyl in Atlanta, Revolution in Fort Lauderdale, The Florida Room at the Historic Delano Hotel-Miami and now on circuit through many of the venues that have popped up all over Miami since it's blossoming cultural renaissance. Embrace Chaos is an album with songs so carefully crafted they can be delivered solo or with accompaniment!

Brendan and his band of merry pranksters are also socially conscious, they've kindly volunteered their time and talents in support of Tsunami and Hurricane Relief, The Race For the Cure, the famine relief for children in AIDS stricken Africa, and Children's Education Reform!

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