For seven years our small film crew traveled the world with recording equipment and cameras in search of inspiration — we traveled from streets and subways to native Indian reservations, through African towns and villages, up to the Himalayan Mountains and beyond. Throughout the journey we created a movement connecting the world through music. This album is a collective statement from over 100 musicians spanning five countries. Many of them have never met in person, but through their different cultures, theses songs demonstrate a profound human connection and willingness to unite. Through music we can understand our differences and create a better world.

Playing For Change 1: Songs Around The World
  • 01. Stand By Me | Song Around The World
  • 02. One Love (Bob Marley) feat. Manu Chao | Song Around The World
  • 03. War/No More Trouble feat. Bono | Song Around The World
  • 04. Biko | Playing For Change Band | Live in New York
  • 05. Dont Worry | Song Around The World
  • 06. Talkin' Bout A Revolution | Clarence Bekker | Playing For Change
  • 07. Better Man | Keb' Mo' | Live Outside
  • 08. Chanda Mama | Song Around The World
  • 09. Love Rescue Me ft. Roger Ridley & The Omagh Choir | 20th Anniversary
  • 10. A Change Is Gonna Come | Playing For Change Band | Live in Brazil