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Frankie finds the Blues (hardcover) | by Joel Harper


Book Synopsis

When Frankie's grandmother invites him to a blues concert, he's hesitant at first... he loves hip hop! But he can't resist his beloved grandmother's invitation. Little does he know, that night ignites his passion for learning to play the blues. Along the way, an afternoon in the park opens a door for Frankie that proves to be life-changing. He not only learns to play guitar, but he also discovers the roots of the blues and its profound influence on popular music.

Editorial Reviews

  • "Frankie Finds the Blues, what a lovely story of a child learning from his grandmother about this great music and the intergenerational communication and exchange of culture. Frankie is written with love, beauty, great care, and respect. A story like this would have meant so much to my young soul back in the early 50 s when blues music first struck a chord deep within me. Readers who share this book with their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren are passing on a priceless gift to future generations." Taj Mahal (Grammy Award winning, blues, blues rock, R&B, reggae, jazz, country blues, musician)
  • "Joel Harper's book, Frankie Finds the Blues, with Gary Kelley's artwork, is the ideal vehicle to open new minds and ears to such a vital music form. The roots of all of American popular music can be found in the blues, and this story illustrates the value in understanding and respecting the history of American music in general. I'm so hopeful that children who do read this book, and their parents and grandparents who read it with them, will continue to enjoy all music trends while finding a new love for the blues, as well." Barbara Newman, President & CEO of The Blues Foundation
  • "The blues is such an important part of American music and Joel's book does an amazing job in introducing the music to the next generation. The blues has been with me since my childhood. While we were largely known for singing gospel, Pop's guitar laid the foundation for our music, and he was playing the blues. I hope every child gets to read this book and falls in love with the blues the way that I did." Mavis Staples (Grammy Award winning, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Inductee)
  • "In Frankie Finds the Blues, Joel has captured an important story. When you know your story and embrace the present, it equals a bright future." Keb Mo

About the Author

Growing up in an artistic household, Joel Harper was encouraged by his family to express himself through music and writing. Joel's first book, All the Way to the Ocean (2006) is in its 4th edition and has been adapted into an animated movie. His second book, Sea Change, debuted in 2015. He supports his love of self-expression and discovery by managing his publishing house, Freedom Three Publishing, and working with various local, national, and international environmental organizations and initiatives advocating for marine conservation. When he is not writing and publishing books, he plays and teaches lap slide guitar and Native American Flute.

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