Welcome to our first PFC live outside audio EP. For over 20 years we have traveled the world with a mobile recording studio and cameras, recording and filming musicians in natural environments. As we record musicians on our Songs Around The World, we also ask them to perform a few of their own songs so we can feature their unique voice and sound as part of our Live Outside series. Now, we are going to share many of the best live performances from around the world with all of you!

Take a musical trip with us and hear the sounds of the people performing their songs live outside.

One Love,


AD live outside songs from africa 1
Live Outside Ep Vol.1: Songs from Africa
  • 01 Getsemene Live Outside
  • 02 Gomni Live Outside
  • 03 I Mada
  • 04 Phekama Africa Live Outside
  • 05 Sikasso Miriya