Tambores de Cabildo Portrait

Tambores de Cabildo

Cartagena, Colombia

Tambores del Cabildo is a group of musicians and dancers dedicated to traditional arts and musical ideas based on maintaining and reviving musical traditions. The band, directed by Rafael Arcangel Ramos Caraballo, Colombian musician, percussionist and producer, is composed of 25 musicians and over 10 dancers. Beyond the band itself, Tambores del Cabildo is also a music school dedicated to teach Colombian rhythms.

How we met:

We met Rafael Ramos during the production of "La Tierra del Olvido," in Cartagena. He directed the musicians of Tambores del Cabildo on the percussion arrangement of the song. We'll never forget this fantastic afternoon, recording dance and percussion in one of the most beautiful places of the old Cartagena area.

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