Sinamuva portrait


Umlazi, South Africa

Sinamuva is a choir formed in Umlazi, South Africa, by Bhekani Memela in 2004. The choir is accompanied by a violin in their original set up. Sinamuva recorded vocals on our first Songs Around The World, during our first trip to South Africa in 2006, and came to Madrid in December 2009 to perform with the Playing For Change Band.

How we met:

We were greeted at the Durban airport by singer and choir director, Bhekani Memela. He drove us out of the city and into the township of Umlazi, South Africa. We proceeded to follow him into a small room filled with the powerful voices of the choir rehearsing for “Don´t Worry” singing in Zulu. We added Sinamuva's beautiful voices to four of the songs around the world, and transformed the music into a universal language.

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