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Leandro Joaquim


Leandro Joaquim is a trumpet player born in Ribeirao Preto (SP), Brazil who has been living in Rio de Janeiro for 8 years. Leandro has participated in performances and recordings with many national renowned artists of such as Elba Ramalho, Cidade Negra, Marcos Vale, Joao Donato, Paula Morelembau, Hyldon, Carlos Dafé, Alexandre Pires, Lucas Santana, Hermeto Pascoal, Heraldo do Monte, Jose Roberto Bertrami, and Aldir Blanc, among others.

Currently he is developing projects as a trumpet player, singer, songwriter, and producer in the bands: Sobrado 112, Paraphernalia, Bandeira 2, Monte Alegre hot jazz band, Mauricio Baia, Abayomy Afrobeat Orquestra, Guanabara Ska Club, and the Orchestra Heaven on Earth.

How we met:

Leandro reflects: "I discovered the Playing For Change videos on YouTube. I always liked that remarkable blending of artists from all over the world... when I got the call be to involved, honestly, it took me a moment to believe that I would participate in a worldwide project of such grandness and creativity!"

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