Kawe Calypso portrait

Kawe Calypso

Cahuita, Costa Rica

Kawe Calypso is a band from Cahuita, Costa, Rica, formed by Donald Williams, Otilio Brown and Alfonso Goulbourne, who have a great trajectory as composers, interpreters and teachers of calypso. Danny and Alfonso grew up in Cahuita and learned to make music in the 1970s with the defunct “Buda Band,” one of the most famous Calypso groups of all time in Costa Rica. Otilio is a high-quality guitarist who began his career in Turrialba, and later joined the Cahuita group, with which he has been with for almost ten years. Today they are dedicated to teaching and disseminating the genre that for many years has served them to express themselves.

In addition to composing and interpreting calypsos, the members of this group have dedicated themselves to teaching rhythm to children and young people of the Cahuita community, through a "Calypso Cahuita Youth" project, whose objective is to give continuity to the Cahuiteño and Costa Rican calypso.

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