Bizung Family Band Portrait

Bizung Family Band

Tamale, Ghana

Mohammed Alidu is a notable musician who is part of the centuries-old generation of Bizungs, the hereditary talking drum masters of Northern Ghana. The Bizungs are known to turn drum strokes into speech, transmit instructive proverbs and ancient histories, and spark new exuberantly danceable songs. With the Bizung Family, his American band, Alidu takes the talking drums of his past into a whole new territory and cultural context.

When in Colorado, Alidu met his musical soulmate, Matt Wasowski, a guitarist and school teacher with whom the musician instantly clicked. Right away when they met for the first time, they started jamming and wrote two songs together on the same day, "Land of Fire" and "Take a Look". After that, they decided to meet every weekend. As Alidu and Wasowski were joined by other musicians who all hail from the Boulder area but from different backgrounds, they became the Bizung Family.

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