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Char Temple

Inside a stunning Shinto temple in Tokyo, where we got to record some music parts for new Songs Around The World coming next year!!

IMG 1589

Huge thanks to Billboard Live for providing us with this bus to move around. We always enjoy bus rides; never short of funny stories and jams! Watch the band jammin' on the bus while visiting Byron Bay, Australia.

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Raan Williams, PFC Producer, enjoying a man-powered cart ride in Tokyo. These guys have incredible stamina! (And were super nice to show us around the city).

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Mermans' favorite animal is the lion. He couldn't resist buying this backpack in Tokyo.

Japan Arg5

We always send itineraries to everyone via WhatsApp (Mermans tends to wander the cities alone, and Mike, our tour manager, has to chase him down but he always shows up ready to rock the stage lol!).

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As the saying goes, "the more the merrier." We were thrilled to have Char, and Miho Fukuhara join the band at Billboard Live Tokyo.

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Tula always looks amazing on stage

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Lee Oskar—the founding member of the group who brought you the mega-hits “Low Rider,” "Why Can’t We Be Friends," "Slippin’ into Darkness,” and the MAN behind Lee Oskar Harmonicas, which include a wide variety of tunings to play all styles of music, from the blues to African and Middle Eastern. He has been a great PFC supporter for many years and we were very happy to have him join the band on tour for the first time.

IMG 1593

Lee Oskar, Mark Johnson (PFC co-founder), and Char.

Japan Arg10

Rainy nights in Tokyo.

Japan Arg 11

Selfie time in the airplane. Mermans couldn't wait to fall asleep.

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Our lifetime PFC supporter and PFC Band drummer Peter Bunetta enjoying dinner at a traditional Japanese restaurant. Nobody knows where he got that sword...

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PFC Band bass player Juan Carlos "Toro" Portillo just found his new favorite bar.

Japan Arg14

Stunning view in Diamante, Argentina.

Japan Arg15

Guillermo Schulmeier, our PFC Ambassador in Buenos Aires (and one of the main people responsible for making the show in B.A happen) playing the congas at our PFC Foundation school in Diamante. He's got incredibly good rhythm...maybe we'll have him join the band next time!

Japan Arg16

Raan and Mark chillin' at the DirectTV Arena during soundcheck.

Japan Arg 17

Titi taking some selfies with her fans :)

Japan Arg 18

Titi, Roberto, and Keiko. Throughout the years, our band has really become a family.

Japan Arg 19

Sandra, our photographer, trying to play Roberto's guitar...

Japan Arg 20

...while Roberto was out trying to figure out how our new cameras work!

Japan Arg 21

Warming up for the show at the Clarin Newspaper headquarters in Buenos Aires.

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Japan Arg23

One of the most beautiful moments from our trip to Argentina—visiting "Puentes Escolares," a program that provides counseling and education for homeless children.

IMG 1613

The children at "Puentes Escolares," such young and beautiful souls looking for an opportunity to shine in this world.

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The colors of life in the slums of Bajo Flores, Buenos Aires.

IMG 1616
IMG 1619

Roberto and his new friend in Diamante, Argentina.

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We are always honored to participate in interviews spreading the message of peace through music!

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"Repression is returned with rebellion." Graffiti art in the slums of Buenos Aires.

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Wouldn't you love a freshly baked empanada from this oven?

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Even though life hasn't been easy for these kids, their hearts are warm and determined to make a better future for themselves.

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Playing a live show for Metro 95.1 in Buenos Aires.

Arg Japan 34

Taking the music to the streets! Lovely people and a lovely night in the city of Buenos Aires or "Baires'' as the locals call it.

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Positive vibes on the bus! Everyone is excited to perform at DirecTVArena.

Arg Japan 36

The intensity of the moment is greatly captured in this photo; taken minutes before showtime.

Arg Japan 37

Amazing photo of band member Mathieu "Mateo" Aupitre, by photographer Marco Rincón.

Arg Japan 38

Keeping track of where you are is key during the performance!

Arg Japan 39

With special guest, Lee Harmonicas Featured Artist, Martin Chemes!

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The ending of a truly magical night, and an amazing tour. The energy is off the roof at this moment. This is what keeps us going.

Music can change the world, one heart and one song at a time... One Love.

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