Healing Hawaii Through Song | Taimane Releases New Music Video “Earth”

Taimane Earth3

"I’m honored to have documented these lands before their metamorphosis and grateful to the island and its people for having shared and continuing to share so much with me." -Taimane

On May 3, 2018, a catastrophic volcanic event began in the Puna region on the island of Hawaii followed by a massive 6.9 earthquake the next day. In the following days, weeks, and months; an estimated 2,000 Hawaiian residents were forced to evacuate their homes and roughly 700 of those homes were destroyed. Now, one year later, Hawaiian ukulele virtuoso Taimane releases her music video "Earth," to commemorate this event in support of her fellow Hawaiians.

Taimane Earth

Filmed in the region affected by the 2018 eruptions shortly before the flows began, "Earth" showcases the island's natural beauty and brings to the forefront, the inspiration the island and its inhabitants continue to foster. Seeing these beautiful landscapes covered in ash and lava deeply affected Taimane and in June 2018 she performed a free, impromptu concert at the campsite which served as the makeshift home for many who were displaced from their residences.

Taimane Earth2

Taimane wrote the song featured in this video for her theatrical show, Elemental — A Musical and Theatrical Odyssey, which debuted in Oahu in 2016. Taimane brought the show to the Big Island and presented it to a sold-out crowd at the Kahilu Theatre earlier this month.

"Visiting the Big Island for the first time since last June was uplifting,” Taimane said. “I feel a stronger connection to nature there than anywhere else in Hawaii, and the aloha shared by the island’s people never fails to get my attention and put a smile on my face. Whether you’ve been there many times or have yet to visit, the Big Island will leave an indelible mark. I can’t wait to go back!"

Check out the video for "Earth" below:

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